Our Level 3 Beds
Our level 3 beds are among the elite in the tanning world. When it comes to Ultra High Output tanning, they have few equals. These 54 lamp giants offer a short 10 minute session time, air conditioning and the most powerful high pressure facial tanners in the business. They can establish a very good base tan in as little as 4 sessions. What also sets these beds apart from the Level 1 and 2 beds other than their enormous size, is their Ultra High Output lamps. These are some of the most powerful in the tanning industry. On top of  that, we go a step further. We outfit our level 3 beds with a specially selected lamp. It has loads of UVA for that beautiful bronze color everyone wants and a small but effacious amout of UVB blended together in the perfect ratio.

These beds are gonna give you that "I just got home from the beach" color!