Our Level 4 Beds
 These beds are as good as it gets!
The Matrix High Pressure Bronzing Bed is the Elite of the Elite as far as tanning beds go! It's the Bed by which all others are messured and has no equals! From it's massive 4 foot wide tanning surface and full body 360 coverage. To it's awe inspiring 23,000 watts of pure bronzing power. This bed is simply as good as it gets! You can achieve an incredible tan in as little as 4 sessions spaced out over 7 days, with little fear of burning. Then you can maintain your tan with as little as 1 session every 5 to 7 days after that.

The Sun Angel is a self adjusting customized tanning session tailored to each individuals skin type, and offers an amazing Bronze Tan!

The Sunboard is a open concept High Pressure Tanning Bed similar in function to our Matrix bed. It too offers a longer lasting true bronze tan!